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Happy New Year December 2, 2012

Posted by marthasway in Musings, Primary food, Somewhat amusing.
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Today is the First Sunday in Advent, beginning of the Christian year.  This is a time to watch, wait, prepare, and put on the armor of light, which sounds like a directive to string lights and wear sparkly earrings.  The Advent hymnody is rich and varied, with plenty to keep the voice and spirit singing until the Christ child comes on Christmas Eve.  There is no need for “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” or even my favorite conversion song, “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” until after the shopping season.

My multi-talented, too-ADD-to-use-Facebook BFF called one morning with a tale of defrosting the freezer in their garage. She was looking in her files under “A” for the instructions. Suddenly, the professional mezzo-soprano burst into song: ‘O, come. O come. Amana Manual…”. Advent will never be the same. BTW, the freezer was a Tappan.



1. mauriceabarry - December 2, 2012

…while fields and floods, rock sills and plains re beat the sound of joy!

2. clare - December 5, 2012

Dear Martha – so enjoying your writing. I love the Chesterton quote, which I’d never heard before. And I also bumble through learning something new because I don’t follow directions very well. Even when I really try to follow directions, I seem to screw it up. Your mind is functioning just fine, sweetie. Keep it coming!

marthasway - December 5, 2012

O, wow! Thank you, Clare! This encouragement means so much coming from you, a goddess among writers and thinkers and bloggers in my mind! I have such fond memories of Mary’s blog when she was in Italy; I think that was the first blog I ever followed. I have three pieces in the works right now that should be ready to see the light of day soon.

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